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◆◆DARTSLIVE2 for your home◆◆For darts lovers who want to play darts every day!Your smartphone will work as DARTSLIVE2.Simply set up this official app and "DARTSLIVE-200S (sold separately)"Then, all levels of players from beginner to advanced level can enjoy this home darts.◆◇App feature list◇◆DARTSLIVE system will be on your smartphone!・Calculation of DARTSLIVE rating・Graphics and sounds of DARTSLIVE2 ・Actual matches against unique robos・New original games・Up to 8 can play at the same time.・Great game lineups◆◇Feature list of the dart board “DARTSLIVE-200S” ◇◆DARTSLIVE2 for home!・Silent and easy-to-stick design for home use・Worldwide standard size of 15.5 inch dartboard, the same size with DARTSLIVE2
▼Official website for DARTSLIVE-200S
-----------------------------------------------------------□□□List of games and contents□□□-----------------------------------------------------------□DARTSLIVE2Official games□■01 301 / 501 / 701 / 901 / 1101 / 1501■CRICKET STANDARD CRICKET CUT THROAT CRICKET■PRACTICE COUNT-UP CRICKET COUNT-UP EAGLE’S EYE HALF-IT SHOOT OUT
□DARTSLIVE-200S original games/features□■CHALLENGE BULL ×5~100 TRIPLE20 ×5~100■ROBO RIVAL 301 / 501 / 701 / 901 / 1101 / 1501 STANDARD CRICKET
■Data viewing  ■Other Card design, THEME, AWARD MOVIE settings -----------------------------------------------------------Points to consider before your purchase -Please make sure to read------------------------------------------------------------▼DARTSLIVE-200SPlease read and agree to our terms of use and the contents on our official website before using DARTSLIVE-200S.By using this product, you signify your assent to these terms.To use DARTSLIVE-200S, installation of the app and dedicated darts board are required. ▼Recommended environment settings for the app Device with Androide 4.0 or later that supports the Bluetooth HID profile 3.0 or later▼Dedicated darts board For the purchase and usages of the dedicated darts board, please refer to our official website. ▼OtherProduct specifications are subject to change without prior notice.The games are available in both Japanese and English texts.DARTSLIVE-200S has its dedicated virtual cards in the app, but they are not linked to DARTSLIVE CARD. For more information, please visit the DARTSLIVE-200S official website.